Remold Your Innovation
With AI

Effective management of tremendous creatives, batch creation using AI.
Customization and templates help you create your own interactive advertisement easily.


AI Creation
Intelligent creatives platform

A magic creative management platform based on massive cloud storage and multi-tag system, mature production technology by self-developed procedural AI authoring tool.

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Sophon Tube
Full-case Playable Ads customized service

One-to-one customization: providing with multi-channel, multi-language, non-standard customization form to meet any specific needs.

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Sophon Cube
Self-help playable ads template platform

Hundreds of high-quality templates: suitable for leisure products with high commonality. such as casino, chess and cards, match-3, words, tools, etc.

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About Us

Help to achieve more efficient advertising effects

Dozens of senior directors and massive creative production experience made us AiCTR team professional enough to help you advertising more efficiently.

24 Full-time Service

Our experienced and amazing team consists of director,ui, algorithm engineers are here to at your service 24 hours a day.  

AI Creation

Efficient experience brought by "AI": intelligent splicing, horizontal and vertical conversion, batch derivation, multilingual TTS, green screen templates, automatic subtitles..All these have proved to be of great help in improving efficiency.
You can easily manage materials without the burden of consumptions and internet speed.
Thanks to multiple automated labeling system,file content-level indexing and retrieval capabilities, millisecond-level rapid response feedback and AI optimal intelligent sorting results, materials are easy to find.

Sophon Tube

The excellent products you develop are the inspiration for our advertising ideas! Our team will design at least 3 briefs for you to choose from.
After you confirm the creativity, our team will prepare a material list for you. The high-precision original materials you provide will be the most powerful guarantee for the effects of the playable ads.
Sophon team is specialized in 2d,3d games,tools and social apps.
Multi-channel, language and regions are all included in Sophon. The inspection guarantee and 1-2 fine-tuning services are provided as well.

Sophon Cube

Dozens of gameplay types and hundreds of high-quality templates, 10-20 new templates are uploaded every week.
Full dynamic parameters, multi-language support, code-free implementation, easy operation.
Full support from mainstream channels, one-click packaging, and unconstrained download.



Integrated service overturns my stereotyped impressions toward the production of Playable Ads.

Playable Ads have now become a primary advertisement method for user growth. AICTR Sophon Studio's professionalism and service capabilities far exceed the field's standard. From various innovative briefs at the establishment of the project, to active interactions during the development, to the multi-channel and multi-language demo packages' delivery, Sophon team's services overturn my stereotypes toward Playable Ads production.

They understand how to gain growth in all Ad networks!

The development of the advertising industry and the rapid changes in advertising formats have made creative production more and more competitive in the professional field. AICTR Sophon team is undoubtedly a professional team in this field. We thought they could just grasp the essence of the game quickly, but, to our surprise, they even understand how to gain growth in all ad networks!

A group of artists in the internet industry!

Working with an innovative and professional team is definitely an enjoyable experience! That team is our AICTR team! AI Creation platform is not only an online disk of material but also is a super-intelligent material factory! They are the artists of the internet industry!

Nothing can be more pleasurable than creating effectively!

Our material team has been looking for products like AI Creation—not just a tool but a solution to make the team focus on creation. AI creation fulfills the material management needs from studios with several people to groups with hundreds of members. Nothing can be more pleasurable than creating effectively!